Healthy Boundaries with the Enneagram

Offered by request

Virtual training

The Enneagram can help you discover how to create healthier boundaries. Learn to connect authentically with others while holding healthy boundaries.

Get clarity on where your boundaries can be improved. Identify warning signs and indicators that your boundaries may need strengthening. Learn communication strategies for establishing healthy boundaries. Explore ways to use boundaries to achieve your higher purpose and align with your true north.

This workshop takes place in a small group setting (10-15 people). Participants will engage in activities and reflection, as well as gain strategies and tools for creating healthy boundaries.


Building Self-Awareness: An Introduction to the Enneagram

Offered by request

(great for teams!)

Virtual training, includes digital workbook


Increased self-awareness can help us improve our effectiveness, communication, and impact.
The Enneagram has been gaining attention as an accurate and profound way to understand our essential selves and the ego defenses we use when faced with problems. The nine Enneagram types are based on three primary centers of intelligence: thinking, emotion, and instinct. The Enneagram has several layers which help us reconnect with ourselves and gain clarity in our relationships.
This workshop will provide an introduction to the Enneagram and the three styles for approaching conflict utilized by each of the nine personality types.

Strengthening Relationships: Integrating the Enneagram

Offered by request

(great for executives!)

Virtual training, includes digital workbook

The Enneagram is a powerful tool to help us improve our relationships. By understanding our own Enneagram style, we can identify our sweet spots, hot spots, and blind spots.

In this advanced Enneagram workshop, participants will increase understanding of other Enneagram types and learn how to leverage strengths of each types in relationships. Participants will also expand their skill sets by learning to integrate traits from other Enneagram styles.


Finding Your Way: Reconnect with Your Authentic Self

Offered by request

Virtual Training, digital workbook included

Finding Your Way is a great workshop for a one-day or weekend retreat. I have been offering it for the past several years as a capstone for AmeriCorps. It’s perfect for any person who is in transition.

Learn strategies for identifying your True North and connecting with your authentic self. Learn to self-coach and help others through a process of inquiry.

Many of us become disconnected from our true selves in the modern world. Our socialization, distractions, and fears can draw us out of alignment. Learning to identify our True North helps us to be the most authentic version of ourselves, which leads to improved happiness, health, and prosperity.

This workshop takes place in a small group setting (10-15 people). Participants will engage in activities and reflection, as well as learn several Wayfinding skills.

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Improve Communication

Strengthen Relationships

Gain Self-Awareness