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9 Ways to Create a Work Culture of Commitment

What type of choice is required of a leader who wants to stimulate high productivity and rate well on all measures of employee satisfaction? It is the choice between a strategy based on imposing control and a strategy based on eliciting commitment.

12 Self Promotion Strategies for Introverts

Introverts are awesome! They are the calm, humble, thoughtful people who are quietly doing a ton of work and taking very little credit! Learn how introverts can make connections and sell themselves in the workplace.

10 Strategies Used by Top Candidates

In one year, my department hired 10 new full-time staff members. I was involved in many of the searches and chaired several search committees. Check out these strategies used by top candidates.

5 Questions To Help Make Tough Decisions

We are often faced with some tough personal and professional decisions. Friends and family can offer advice, but the best thing they can do is ask you the right questions. Ask yourself these five questions to help make tough decisions.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationships and Grow Your Influence

We all have influence. Whether we have positional power or are trying to influence someone in a higher position. Improve your ability to influence through relationships.

5 Reasons You Need to Pull the Weeds In Life

While on my hands and knees in the rain pulling invasive grasses, I started thinking how important it is to pull the weeds in our daily lives. Learn how pulling weeds can bring clarity and purpose in your life.

7 Steps to Achieve A Super Simple Life

The benefits of simpler living have been overwhelming – I worry less about finances, spend less energy keeping track of my possessions, have a greater appreciation for natural beauty, and am less concerned about status. I have identified four concepts to define my interpretation of simple living.

10 Tips for Getting It All Done

When I first started blogging, I was working full time, preparing for a baby, writing my dissertation, serving as a committee chair for the local United Way, and running a side business. These ten tips helped me get it all done and feel fulfilled at the end of the day.

Dealing with Disappointment

Disappointment can come in many forms – low grades, loss of employment, ending of a relationship. We don’t always get the life we planned – and even when we do, it’s not always the way we expected it to be. Here are five strategies for dealing with disappointment.

7 Tips for Supervisors

Most days we spend more time with our coworkers than our families. Therefore, our relationships at work affect our quality of life, our wellbeing, and our ability to make an impact on the world. If we want our staff to care about the success of our organizations, then we need to care about our staff.

Experience More Happiness

It’s tempting to feel disappointment when things don’t go our way. It could be work, a relationship, or financial, but when we experience bad luck or unfair treatment it can feel debilitating. Learn how reframing problems can lead to more happiness.

Managing Your Boss Saves You Time

An adversarial relationship with your boss can cause stress (which equals wasted time). When your boss trusts you, you will be given more freedom to work independently (big time saver). A positive relationship with your boss may result in additional resources or support (more time saved). Learn to save time by managing your boss.